VTG 1950's HOLIDAY HOLLAND HandPainted Vase Numbered and Signed by Artist

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From Holland

According to our research, we believe this is an Early 1950's Vintage Holiday Holland Handpainted Vibrant Floral, Numbered, and Signed Vase 3" Tall x 3.5" Wide.

Excellent Condition - No Cracks or Chips

Beautiful handpainted flowers in vibrant colors of blue, pink, and purple adorn the exterior of the vase. There is blue trim with leaves as the trim to the lip of the vase. The bottom is marked and signed.

This may be a small vase, but it is mighty in its value.

We have searched the internet and could not find another vase or pottery whatsoever like this, or close to it, only a Holiday Holland teapot made in 1954. Based on this, we at least know that Holiday Holland pottery was active at that time.



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