GIEN FRANCE Rare Hand Painted Rambouillet Partridge Tea Cup & Saucer

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GIEN FRANCE RAMBOUILLET Partridge Tea Cup and Saucer

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RARE Cup and Saucer. These are HAND PAINTED and initialed by the artist, making each one a 'one-of-a-kind piece of art'.

The Gien Rambouillet collection was commissioned by French President, Rene Coty. The collection features animals and birds in a beautiful and strong tone. The original collection was used to furnish homes used for presidential hunts. Each piece showcases the animals hunted and hunting dogs.

An amazing series. This exquisite pattern represents the wild game of Sologne, which was captured by the eye of its creator. His love for the wild game inspired him to hand paint each piece, making each one a unique piece of art. In this collection, "The Partridges", the saucer features a pair of partridge birds on leafy, brown background, accented with a gently scalloped edge. There are several other wild game collections from pheasants, rabbits to hunting dogs, ducks and more.

These collections are very valuable. MiShon's Galleria listed Tea Cup and Saucer is Brand New - excellent condition, never used. No chips or cracks.


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