ANTIQUE RARE 1890 - 1914 Porcelain Limoges Flambeau France Plate, Hand Painted and signed by Artist Engre

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Limoges Flambeau French Antique Plate 1890 - 1914

A stunning piece of art from the 1890's to 1914, French porcelain handpainted decorator plate by the Master Artist "Engre". His plates are coveted throughout the world. 
This is a RARE collector's Decorator plate which boasts gorgeous Purple and Yellow Irises adorned with delicate stems and leaves. A soft and beautifully blended background reaches out to the gold gilded scalloped edge.
There are no scratches, chips, cracks or paint flakes. Excellent condition.
Artist signed by Master Artist "Engre"
The early Green Flambeau Limoges France has a banner wrapped around the torch, that is a hand painted mark that was used from 1890's to the 1900's. It also has the letters L D B C on the torch. 
The Green Limoges France Flambeau china mark with a torch was used from 1890's to 1914."

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